These features help us become the best trip expense manager on the market.


Manage your own sheets.


Reuse frequent visited locations.


Have insights in your data.


Distances between locations are automatically calculated.


Multi-language support.


Manage your weekly recurring trips.

Our Product

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With My Trip Expense, you have an overview of all your data. Do you want insight into the number of routes taken, the number of kilometers, or an average per month? On your dashboard, you'll find all the information conveniently together!

Manage your own locations

Easily add new locations using postal code and place. Obtain a list of frequently visited locations, enabling quick route calculation.

Create worksheets

By creating a worksheet, you determine the period over which you want to record your travel movements. You can add an unlimited number of routes per worksheet by selecting from your own collection of 'locations'. The program automatically calculates the corresponding distance. With the 'return' option, the return route is added with a single button press.

My Schedule

Do you travel the same routes weekly? Then create a schedule. Easily insert this schedule into an existing worksheet. This makes creating an overview of your travels even easier!

Route display on the map

Need a more detailed display of the route taken? Simply view it with our route display on the map.

Detailed overview

Prefer a detailed view of your traveled routes per worksheet? That's possible too. In the sheet overview screen, you get all the information: dates, routes, and distances. The complete picture!

Excel Download

Need an Excel document to submit travel expenses to your employer? Then our download option is perfect for you. By simply clicking 'download' within a worksheet, all data is transformed into an Excel document. Cut and paste it into your employer's system, and the declaration is submitted!